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U01MH (DALY, MARK JOSEPH) Jan 31, . Howrigan DP, Huang H, Maller JB, Martin AR, Martin NG, Moran J, Pallesen J, Palmer DS, Pedersen CB, Pedersen MG, Poterba T, 01 04; 45(D1):DD Abrams, Steven K. Ike Electrical . Class A. Calderone, Mark J. DS Electric. PO Box Hyde Park, NY Stenman G, Sahlin P, Mark J, Landys D. Structural alterations of the c-mos locus in benign Am J Surg Pathol , – Katabi N, Gomez D, Klimstra DS, Carlson DL, Lee N, Ghossein R. Prognostic factors of recurrence in salivary.


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Mark Daly Harvard Catalyst Profiles Harvard Catalyst

Originally published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research http: This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License http: The complete bibliographic information, a link to the J-Mark 845-DS publication on http: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Background Surveillance plays a vital role in disease detection, but traditional methods of collecting patient data, reporting J-Mark 845-DS health officials, and compiling reports are costly and time consuming.


In recent years, syndromic surveillance tools have expanded and researchers are able to exploit the vast amount of data available in real time on J-Mark 845-DS Internet at minimal cost. Many data sources for infoveillance exist, but this study focuses on status updates tweets from the Twitter microblogging website.

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Objective The aim of this J-Mark 845-DS was to explore the interaction between cyberspace message activity, measured by keyword-specific tweets, and real world occurrences of influenza and pertussis. Tweets were aggregated by week and compared to weekly influenza-like illness ILI and weekly pertussis incidence.

The potential effect of tweet type was analyzed by categorizing tweets into 4 categories: Methods Tweets were collected within a mile J-Mark 845-DS of 11 US cities chosen on the basis of population size and the availability of disease data. Influenza analysis involved all 11 cities.

Tweet collection resulted influ, influenza, pertussis, and whooping cough tweets. The correlation coefficients between tweets or subgroups J-Mark 845-DS tweets and disease occurrence were calculated and trends were presented graphically.

J-Mark 845-DS Correlations between weekly aggregated tweets and disease occurrence varied greatly, but were relatively strong in some areas. In general, correlation coefficients were stronger in the flu analysis compared to the pertussis analysis. Within each analysis, flu tweets were more strongly correlated with ILI rates than influenza tweets, and whooping cough tweets correlated more strongly with pertussis incidence than pertussis tweets. Nonretweets correlated more with disease occurrence than retweets, and tweets without a URL Web address correlated better with actual incidence than those with a URL Web address primarily for the flu tweets.

Conclusions This study demonstrates that not only does keyword choice play an important role in how well tweets correlate with disease occurrence, but that the subgroup of J-Mark 845-DS used for analysis is also important. This exploratory work shows potential in the use of tweets for infoveillance, but continued efforts are needed to further refine research methods in this field.

Twitter, infoveillance, infodemiology, cyberspace, syndromic surveillance, influenza, pertussis, whooping cough Introduction Background Use of J-Mark 845-DS Internet has shifted from being solely a one-way transfer of information to an interactive multidimensional channel. Cyberspace resides as a source of information accessible to the user who is able to contribute to cyberspace through social media and online communities [ 1 ].

Infodemiology is the study of the distribution and causal factors of information in cyberspace and its ability to improve public health [ J-Mark 845-DS ]. The Internet provides many resources for infodemiology, including search engine queries ie, Google Flu Trends [ 3 ]publications, marketing campaigns, and user-generated content, such as blogs and social media status updates [ 2 ].


Researchers are pioneering a variety of methods and applications using these resources for disease detection see [ 4 ] J-Mark 845-DS overview. This study focuses on the infodemiology of pertussis-related also called whooping cough and influenza-related status updates on Twitter tweets. Every year millions of Americans become infected with the flu, resulting in illness, missed work and school days, and death.

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Deaths from seasonal influenza occur mostly in young children and the elderly, largely because of flu complications and the exacerbation of existing conditions, such as congestive heart failure [ 5 ]. Influenza causes a substantial economic J-Mark 845-DS associated with loss in productivity because of missed work and health care costs [ 6 ]. Pertussis infects a much smaller population, but can result in severe complications, J-Mark 845-DS among those who are young and unvaccinated. Death and violent convulsions occur in approximately 1.

As of December 29,Washington State had experienced pertussis cases, 5. The early notification of disease outbreaks greatly increases the ability of affected communities to control and treat an epidemic. Traditional surveillance methods are a vital factor in the control of diseases, but there is often a time lag between the reporting of individual cases and the accumulation of these data into a report [ 9 ]. Devices enabled with Global J-Mark 845-DS System GPS receivers and the Internet allow for precise geographic information of events for a variety of uses, including those focused on public health.

Rosai and Ackerman's Surgical Pathology E-Book - Juan Rosai - Google книги

For example, Love Clean Streets is used to alert authorities of problems in the community, such as graffiti and potholes [ 10 ]. HealthMap maps disease occurrences based on a variety J-Mark 845-DS sources, including user reports [ 11 ].

Noise pollution can be analyzed based on pedestrian audio recordings J-Mark 845-DS their GPS-enabled devices [ 12 ]. Researchers have used information contained in tweets to detect earthquakes in Japan [ 13 ]. Each Twitter user was labeled as J-Mark 845-DS sensor; the sensor was either positive the user tweeted earthquake-related information or negative they did not tweet information.

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