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COWON C2 MP3 Player Driver

Buy Cowon CBS 16 GB Video Player, Black with Silver: Everything Else COWON X9 Inch 32GB Touch Screen Video MP3 Player (White). out of 5. In the MP3 player ranking, Cowon C2 4GB performs better than Cowon D2+ 8GB. Find out why! My current digital music player has been giving me serious battery life issues of late, though, which shouldn't be an issue with Cowon's C2 MP3.

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COWON C2 MP3 Player Driver

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The C2 comes COWON C2 MP3 Player with a pair of white Cowon SE2 earphones, which are OK and an improvement over earlier efforts but don't offer quite the same audio experience - or do anywhere near enough justice to the player's audio quality - as my own bud-type phones. The player itself has been designed to keep things simple and elegant.

Cowon C2 portable media player review

There's a shiny metal case on the back with engraved branding and serial number a classy touchand a plain plastic screen surround at the front. The glossy, resistive touchscreen is 2. This all combines to make both finger marks and daylight COWON C2 MP3 Player somewhat problematic, and the mirror-like metal is also a little prone to micro-scratching.


The touch panel is certainly one of the better resistive flavors I've tried, but a little disappointing given Cowon's recent dips into capacitive touch panels. As you might expect, it did need the occasional repeat touch to confirm an action, but not annoyingly so. The display's horizontal viewing angles are a little restrictive, too, with the vertical axis faring a little COWON C2 MP3 Player not much better. One long press of the power button turns the unit on, a short click puts it in hold and turns off the touch sensitivity on the display, a further short press turns off the display.

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Another quick press of the power button reactivates the device from power-save mode. There's a covered USB 2. I should mention here that the lid of the cover did seem to want to work against my efforts to push in the plug, which tempts a little more force COWON C2 MP3 Player is probably good for the player.

There's nothing on the bottom edge and just a 3. Round the back is a small built-in speaker which pumps out sounds when the earphones are not plugged in.

Cowon C2 4GB vs Cowon D2+ 8GB

It's surprisingly loud and clear when playing audio COWON C2 MP3 Player, although there's not a great deal of bass presence, certainly not enough for prolonged music playback and offers a similar listening experience to that of a youngster who insists on sharing his favorite mobile phone-based hip hop drone with the rest of the train passengers. It can always be switched off if it's not needed.


Switching on The passage of time between powering on and being presented with a COWON C2 MP3 Player twee, if grammatically-lacking, "Daily Life" user interface can be quite long. There is a progress indicator shown onscreen but the writing is so tiny that you probably won't be able to determine where you're at.

If you're not fond of COWON C2 MP3 Player UI, you can opt for Cowon's signature Visible Layered UI, but I stayed with the former, although I chose to have the device save my exit preferences which displayed a plain digital clock instead of one of those six time-sensitive messages, shown below. Access to the player's various functions and settings is achieved by scrolling down through four screens made up of a three by three grid of icons, although there always seemed to be a few missing. The first grid collects most of the frequently used functions into COWON C2 MP3 Player place, with icons for music, video, radio players and a JPEG photo viewer surrounding a clock in the center.

Review: Cowon C2 digital media player

Subsequent screens host such things as a voice recorder, a flash games player COWON C2 MP3 Player includeda calculator and a simple text document viewer. You can also drag your finger around the screen and leave notes for yourself in the NotePad doodling app, although the size of the display does necessitate brevity. Unfortunately, the available icons can't be changed - which is COWON C2 MP3 Player shame as there are some settings I would have liked to bring up from the bowels of the system screens.

The built-in FM radio uses the earphone cord as an aerial so all you'll get through the external speaker is static. You do have the ability to record what you listen to, and favorite stations can be saved but there's no station name listed, just the frequencies although, by editing the radio. Anyone who has used a Cowon player before will know that navigation can be, well, not so much problematic as not very intuitive. Improvements have clearly been made in COWON C2 MP3 Player C2 but users are still taken on a multiple-icon-pressing ride in order to switch between albums or artists, so there's still room for improvement - it takes a little getting used to but is no major downer. There are a few included media files on the player but the first thing you'll want to do is get COWON C2 MP3 Player stuff stored in the library.

COWON 16GB C2 MP3 & Video Player (Black / Silver) CBS

Filling up the memory The C2 comes with up to 16GB of onboard storage, which is quite generous but I have more than double COWON C2 MP3 Player in my current digital library so I opted to have the player share its storage load with a microSD card. Files from a computer's music library can be dragged from folders and dropped onto the player via the USB 2. This simple functionality is a such welcome relief after spending far too much of my time lost in the COWON C2 MP3 Player inadequate proprietary music managers of the numerous digital players I've either owned or tried.

I was also very pleased to find that I could drag and drop files onto the inserted microSD card, which was treated as a separate drive by my PC - this saves spending money on an adapter and having to keep removing and re-inserting the extra storage just to update my library. Updating the database after the insertion of a microSD card can take ages, so I recommend doing so infrequently - get yourself the largest storage capacity you can afford so that you don't have to keep swapping it out. The all-important sound COWON C2 MP3 Player Up until this point, I've mentioned a few things I like about COWON C2 MP3 Player C2 and brought up quite a few niggles and nitpicks - but I haven't yet got to the audio reproduction capabilities.

With such a low screen resolution, it's evident that despite any claims to the contrary the C2 is first and foremost a music player, and it's here where most if not all of my gripes and grumbles disappear into the mist. Cowon is world-renowned for its audiophile-pleasing audio quality and I was intrigued to learn whether this has been sacrificed in the name of budget. Returning briefly to my opening point, if you think that the quality of the music pumped out by the your smartphone is decent enough then, well let's not mince words here - there's simply no comparison. The actual design is almost whimsical, and while the familiar "grid of icons" is most certainly present and accounted for, the pastel hues just make it altogether easier to cuddle up with.

We also love that Cowon threw a Menu button along the top; it's the equivalent to the Home button on the iPad and iPhone, and regardless of where you've ended up in the menu system, a single press will boot you back out to the front and rescue you from imminent frustration. Kudos on that one. Strangely enough, the inclusion of that button makes us yearn for an easier way to jump into our music.

Cowon C2 - digital AV player Overview - CNET

It's not that COWON C2 MP3 Player, but given that the primary function here is to operate as a music player that'll spin jams for over two straight days The graphical elements of the music function are gorgeous; it displays the track title, time, artist, volume and a spinning record of the album art whilst playing. While a song is playing, you have to press anywhere on the screen, hit the 'Open' button looks like Ejecttap a speech bubble? A pretty wild ride to run COWON C2 MP3 Player every single time, if you catch our drift.

Outside of that nitpick, we found complaining to be hard work here.

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