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Asus N10Jc Netbook Audio Driver

Audio, 2-Channel HD Audio ( Speakers) Like many new netbooks, ASUS uses Intel's latest Atom CPU, this time the N This is a. That's why when I reviewed Asus' Eee Box, I suggested that pairing the Atom with a better GPU might solve The company's new N10J netbook line augments the Atom processor with a dedicated GeForce Audio, Realtek ALC HD audio. Asus calls its N10Jc mini-notebook a "corporate netbook"--which Asus is positioning the N10Jc as business machine, so audio takes a back.

Asus N10Jc Netbook Audio Driver PC

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Asus N10Jc Netbook Audio Driver

I received a replacement and learned how it could have been chipped during shipping even while packed protectively. After receiving the replacement battery I had dented it with my hand.

Asus N10Jc Netbook Audio Drivers Update

Yes, by grabbing the battery I had dented it. I am a strong guy but I should not be able to dent a notebook battery with my hand. I have honestly never seen such poor plastic on a PC component Asus N10Jc Netbook Audio is so essential to the notebook. I lack the words to describe how disappointed I am in the build of the battery.

Asus N10Jc Netbook Audio Windows Vista 32-BIT

Display The glossy Unlike many netbooks ASUS decided to go with a glossy screen. For outdoor use it is generally recommended to have an antiglare screen in order to view the screen.

The backlighting on the screen can become ridiculously bright. I have no troubles using the notebook in direct sunlight without having to boost to maximum brightness. There is some reflection due to the gloss but if you do not get headaches from the reflections of glossy screens in general it should not be a major issue.

For general use at home I recommend you turn the brightness down, otherwise the colors begin to wash Asus N10Jc Netbook Audio. I personally found the screen to lack vividness. I feel the color is a bit dull and lacks liveliness.

ASUS N10 User Review

When ASUS decided to market the N10 as a notebook one would expect they would offer a higher resolution choice but the limiting WSVGA resolution may make some web Asus N10Jc Netbook Audio hard to view and multi-tasking virtually impossible. Speakers The N10 features a pair of Altec Lansing speakers.

The sound was not exactly what I had expected: They are not terrible by any means but display that this notebook is intended to be portable. In short if you care about quality, headphones are a must.

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It is enough to play general games though in the N10 the card is bottlenecked by the Intel Atom processor. One catch is that the p content you plan on watching must support DXVA or it will have trouble playing smoothly. By pressing a small lightning-bolt button above the keyboard when the machine is off, Express Gate will launch and allow you to do the basics, such as chat, surf the Web, Asus N10Jc Netbook Audio to music, and make Skype calls.

We liked having this option, especially on this type of system, to send off an e-mail, Asus N10Jc Netbook Audio our music, and check sports scores quickly. However, while Express Gate launches in just 9 seconds, it takes another 30 seconds to launch the browser. Typical of the systems with the same internal specs, the N10Jc loaded programs relatively quickly even when we had several others running in the background.

ASUS N10Jc Review

We were able to listen to streaming music over Pandora, surf the Asus N10Jc Netbook Audio in Firefox 3, and write in WordPad all at the same time with no hang-ups. Even a Skype video call didn't tax the system enough to slow down other programs' response times.

Asus N10Jc Netbook Audio Download Drivers

Switchable Graphics While Asus N10Jc Netbook Audio CPU's performance may be the same as other netbooks, the N10Jc's multimedia prowess is well ahead of its competition thanks to its switchable graphics. Switching between Intel's integrated Graphics Media Accelerator which shares system memory and Nvidia's discrete GeForce M GS graphics card which has up to MB of dedicated video memory requires you to flip a switch on the left side of the chassis and reboot the system.

Overall graphics performance was good given the N10Jc's small footprint.

Asus' N10Jc-A1 netbook

When we played F. The graphics performance beat out any other mini-notebook and even some ultraportables. By comparison, the Gigabyte M holds the highest score in the category, with a Asus N10Jc Netbook Audio rate of During testing, the N10Jc got a bit hot on the underside Asus N10Jc Netbook Audio the unit, measuring about 99 degrees.

Keyboard and Touchpad The keyboard is comfortable to type on, but somewhat confusing to pickup if you are used to other keyboard layouts.

Asus' N10Jc-A1 netbook - The Tech Report - Page 1

One layout Asus N10Jc Netbook Audio that irks me is the second function key Asus N10Jc Netbook Audio next to the direction pad. On most keyboards the outermost keys on the second row are both shift keys, making it easy to blindly aim your fingers all by feel. The N10 moves the left shift key inwards, and with it already being condensed in size, makes it difficult to find while typing.

The sharp edge key design is another element which I would have preferred ASUS not use, since I found the rounded edge design on the Eee PC to be more comfortable. The pad surface is glossy, sharing the same color as the shell of the netbook.

The large size makes it easy to move about the screen without having to pick up your finger to backtrack.

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