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Hasselblad H1 Camera Body Driver

In the past, many professional photographers have shied away from auto-focus cameras, complaining that the slow speed of the auto-focus let valuable shots. Find great deals for Hasselblad H2 Medium Format Film Camera Body Only. Hasselblad H1 Medium Format Camera Body Only High Shutter Count *EX*. The original Hasselblad F of was the world's first /4 x /4 camera based on a compact, box-shaped body, to which lenses.

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Hasselblad H1 Camera Body Driver

Hasselblad H1:Hyper-Blad! Popular Photography

By Jason Schneider posted Dec 16th, at 9: Although shutters changed with various models, today's V-series Hasselblads bear more than a Hasselblad H1 Camera Body resemblance to their illustrious forebears. It was simply not feasible to produce an autofocusing, multimode, all-electronically controlled Hasselblad with full film and digital interfaces within the classic body.

This led to a five-year development project for the H1, a Hasselblad H1 Camera Body for the 21st century. The most obvious is the format, which is 6x4. Given the performance of modern films and digital systems, the reduced format size should have little effect on image quality, provides more pictures per roll 16 on32 onand helps keep camera size and weight down.

However, the photographer's ability to crop each square image into a horizontal or vertical format is lost, as is the ability to mount V-system lenses on the H1.

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The second major change: The H1's main body module is still made in Sweden, and many design elements such as the unique electromagnetic interlens leaf shutters are of Swedish origin. However, finder screens and cross-field AF-sensor technology are supplied by Minolta. The lenses, shutters, meter finder, and film magazines are all made by Fuji in Japan.

Fuji's engineers also had a hand Hasselblad H1 Camera Body the H1's design and production engineering. Indeed, Fuji is marketing a Fuji-branded version of the H1 in Japan only.

The Hasselblad H1 has a remarkable number of unique features in its class. Most important, it's the first medium-format SLR to provide a complete electronic interface for compatible digital backs, with Hasselblad H1 Camera Body displayed on the LCD atop the grip, and the ability to adjust gray balance and delete images, among other things.

This month, we put the H1 through its paces as a film camera. In a future issue, we'll assess its performance as a digital camera.

Grab the future The first thing you notice when holding the H1 is its distinctive light-and-dark-gray color scheme with black accents, which looks sporty Hasselblad H1 Camera Body "serious. The integral right-hand grip is anatomically contoured and nestles very comfortably in your hand, with your right index finger falling naturally on the large shutter-release button atop the sloping front section.

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In shooting position, the camera feels substantial but not overly heavy, and with the 80mm lens it's superbly balanced. The main mode-selection buttons arrayed along the main LCD panel atop the grip are all easily accessible.

Bring the camera to eye level and you see an extraordinarily large, bright, crisp viewing image with an AF-zone rectangle and spotmetering circle inscribed in the center, and a commendably clear, illuminated, full-information LCD panel below the viewing area. The H1's prismless reflex finder, a modified Kepler type, sets a new standard for the class-it's at least as bright and contrasty as that of its closest competitors, the Hasselblad H1 Camera Body and Mamiya AFD.

Hasselblad H1 Camera Body Drivers PC

With a finder claimed to show percent of the on-film image at nearly 1: Focusing screen is very bright and contrasty. Viewfinder magnification was measured at 0.

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Autofocus and time lag: Overall AF speed was faster than average for the class. With low-contrast target, figures were about 0. Time between pressing the release and shutter opening measured milliseconds, slightly faster than other SLRs tested. The centerweighted metering Hasselblad H1 Camera Body was perfectly centered for both horizontal and vertical shooting. Let's load up The H1's snap-on film backs have built-in dark slides, a great convenience since you don't have to remove Hasselblad H1 Camera Body store a separate slide.

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