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ADS Cadet Data Radio Driver

Documented extensions for the Radio Data System (RDS) extensions +1,7 @@ /* cadet.c - A video4linux driver for the ADS Cadet AM/FM Radio Card * * by. radio-cadet.c - A video4linux driver for the ADS Cadet AM/FM Radio Card .. static ssize_t cadet_read(struct file *file, char __user *data, size_t count, loff_t. Like SCTP, CADET supports transmitting multiple tralized ad-hoc networking applications. resulting overheads in planning and In ad-hoc wireless networks each node . The tunnel uses connections to send data to remote establish a direct.


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ADS Cadet Data Radio Driver

In this that participate in a communication but are neither the origin attack, an adversary creates a great number of identities and nor the destination of the traffic.

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Relays simply forward joins the network in order to disrupt it. DHTs follow different messages from one neighbor to another. Persea [1] divides the ID The connectivity layer ADS Cadet Data Radio two important concepts: A path is simply a sequence of peers, where management right over its chunk. Each peer in the network can each pair of peers from the sequence is directly connected on invite other peers, assigning them an ID as well as delegating the lower, Ethernet-like layer below CADET. A path is thus control over a subset of its own chunk. It is roughly the equivalent of a phone number limited to the chunk assigned by the inviting ADS Cadet Data Radio.

On the ADS Cadet Data Radio hand, a connection is A different Sybil-resistant DHT, Whanau [9] has proposed ADS Cadet Data Radio reserved path that is in use; creating a connection from using the social graph and random walks to counter this threat, a path is thus equivalent to the process of using a phone although at the cost of high control overhead. When Another DHT that can deal with Sybil attacks and restricted an origin peer wants to communicate with another peer in routes is R5 N [7].

R5N uses a recursive variant of Kademlia the network to which it cannot connect to directly, the origin for its routing table and mitigates attacks ADS Cadet Data Radio randomizing the peer discovers ADS Cadet Data Radio path between the two and notifies all the destination peers and paths used to get there. Specifically, peers in the path about its intention to communicate with the random neighbours are chosen for the first O log n routing destination, thereby creating a connection. Each replication.

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Afterwards, instead of soliciting routing informa- peer on the path needs to store the connection ID, together tion to determine the peer closest to the key, R5 ADS Cadet Data Radio greedily with information about the next and previous peer it should forwards requests to the closest neighbors. When a peer is relay traffic to.

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Two peers can have more than one connection closer ADS Cadet Data Radio the target than any of its neighbors, R5 N assumes between each other; in fact, this is common to improve reli- this to be the destination and performs the requested DHT ability and performance. Whenever multiple connections are operation i.


The operation is ADS Cadet Data Radio carried available, they are used simultaneously by sending messages at the peer locally closest to the key, not necessarily the one on the connection that has the least load at the time. To compensate for this, requests are repli- 1 Path discovery: In order to discover paths to other peers, cated to target several locally closest peers. More cryption for the communication, encapsulating all traffic in specifically, each peer periodically makes a P U T request tunnels.

A tunnel is a ADS Cadet Data Radio communication session between to the DHT with its ID and information that may help to two peers. The tunnel uses connections to send data to remote establish a direct connection to it such as lower layer peers, with a redundancy goal of having three independent addressing information.

Linux Kernel: drivers/media/radio/radio-cadet.c File Reference

This redundancy serves both reliabil- to a peer to ADS Cadet Data Radio it does not know any path, CADET ity and performance purposes. CADET This session key is cycled periodically and once it is changes naturally also tries to make use of the information from it becomes impossible to decrypt captured traffic, even if the the DHT to try to establish a direct connection. Additionally, 2 Connection establishment: When a peer decides to es- each message uses a random initialization vector to prevent the tablish a new connection a destination peer, it first checks if same transmitted plaintext from rendering the same cyphertext there are any known paths towards the destination. If there are and thus leaking information to an eavesdropper.

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Once the ephemeral key identified just ADS Cadet Data Radio the connection ID. At the same time, each changes, all captured traffic that used the old ephemeral keys is peer uses the path to passively learn potential paths to reach no longer decryptable, therefore providing forward secrecy [4].

Both peers order to confirm the correctness of the path. Each peer on the send this in parallel, without waiting for each other.

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At the same time, the signature and validity period. If everything is correct, all the potential paths to peers participating in the connection CADET derives the key material from both ephemeral keys are considered confirmed.

When a peer is expecting in the tunnel. In order to avoid saturating the network with As soon as the symmetric keys are obtained, each peer sends connections, idle connections are destroyed after a timeout.


To verify the correctness of the key exchange each peer To avoid this timeout, peers periodically send keepalive traffic checks its own identity in the PING message and, if it is on idle connections. To avoid saturating intermediate sponse message.

Each peer has a dedicated buffer per connection and sends an ACK to the previous peer 1 We expect AES to be virtually free, as it is often implemented in hardware. However, we want to avoid trusting the hardware implementation and thus also encrypt with Twofish. As the two symmetric keys are independent, the Since the lower layer is not expected to guarantee reliable resulting security should be ADS Cadet Data Radio least as good as the stronger of the two cipher delivery, CADET uses a polling system to compensate for ADS Cadet Data Radio implementations.

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Multiplexing confirmed as received are not stored anymore and the timing is used to adjust the retransmission ADS Cadet Data Radio for subsequent data. CADET uses fast Curve public key cryptography [2], Currently the delay is calculated as the average of the last but it is still important to minimize the use of this operation.

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