Stryker Hip Recall News

Many people who recover from Stryker Hip Surgeries like to do it at Siesta Key Hotels Countless people go Siesta key fishing, some require hip replacement implants for some reason or other.The only other lawsuit that rivals it are the Invokana Lawsuits. However, arthritis is the single leading cause for hip replacement surgeries. It causes inflammation and immense joint pain, and can seriously alter a person’s life. Some who suffer from arthritis can barely move and are in constant agony. This is why hip replacement implants are extremely helpful. Hence we are experiencing a spike in the Stryker Hip Lawsuit.
Unfortunately, the implants are not the perfect solution to the problem. They actually do represent a certain degree of risk to those who use them. Most hip replacement devices are made from metal, and that presents several unique risks. Further, companies that manufacture these implants may release defective products to the public. These products cause those who use them untold suffering and misery.

What is Stryker Hip Replacement?

Stryker is a renowned orthopedic company that manufactures a wide range of medical products. It was founded by Dr. Homer Stryker, who is hailed as a medical hero for having invented a number of useful medical products. Some of his acclaimed inventions include the oscillating saw and the mobile hospital bed. He is however best known for his work in manufacturing knee, hip and other joint replacements. He went public with his company in 1977 and it was only a matter of time before it gained worldwide recognition.
Initially, the products proved to be immensely helpful to thousands of people. But as time went by, it was discovered that metal on metal hip replacement posed certain health risks to those who acquired them. So bad were the effects of these products that some were even recalled from the market. However, two Stryker hip replacements stand out in terms of their adverse effects on patients: the Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II Accolade Modular- Neck Hip Stems. These had some of the highest failure rates and caused patients untold suffering.

Why Should You File a Lawsuit Against Stryker?

If you have suffered any pain or loss as a direct result of using striker hip replacement products, then you are eligible to file a lawsuit against the company. It is important that you file your complaint so as to receive just compensation for the undue pain and loss you suffered after using these products.
Some of the side effects that most people encounter as a result of using the products include the following:
• Inflammation
• Joint pain
• Immobility
• Dislocation
• Leg length discrepancy
• Instability
• Tissue reaction
• Blood poisoning
• Loose devices

Grounds for Filing a Lawsuit

There are basically three main grounds for filing a Stryker hip recall lawsuit. These are:
• Being unaware of risks
• Defective products
• Having to undergo revision surgery
1. Being Unaware of Risks
Many victims who file Stryker hip recall lawsuits claim to be unaware of the risks that come with using the products. For instance, many are surprised to learn that the high metal levels in their bloodstream could be a result of their hip replacement implant.
Stryker hip recall implants are generally made of three metals: chromium, cobalt and titanium. Given that the implants replace joints, it goes without saying that there will be friction between these two metals. Some of the debris from the motion is then released into the bloodstream, and when the metals accumulate, they can and do reach toxic levels. This is where the trouble begins for most unsuspecting users of Stryker hip recall implants.
2. Defective Products
Defective products are also a common reason for filing Stryker hip recall lawsuits. Cases of loose devices and devices that dislocated after surgery are not unheard of. One cannot even begin to fathom the pain and agony that patients who bear the brunt of defective hip implants suffer. Even though the Stryker hip recall devices had been approved under the Premarket Notification process rather than being first tested before being released, they still caused patients a lot of untold misery. It was only after a lot of harm had been done and countless Stryker hip recall suits filed that the company recalled the products from the market.
3. Revision Surgery
When hip replacement implants fail to do their job as required, it follows that the patient must undergo a surgery to have them removed. This causes the patient not just monetary losses, but also a lot of pain. Revision surgery is in fact said to be far more painful than the replacement surgery and also has a longer recovery period. Worse, some patients may still need to undergo reconstructive surgery due to weakened bones. All of these form grounds for filing a Stryker hip recall suit.

Does Stryker Pay Compensation?

It is important to note that Stryker does actually pay those who are adversely affected by its products. It does this through Broadspire, a renowned insurance and claims adjuster company. This is certainly good news for those without any medical insurance who may be worried about covering their medical bills.
In 2014, Stryker paid out $1.43 billion to compensate people who made claims against the company. Each plaintiff got about $ 600, 000 as compensation, which eased their financial burden a great deal. However, patients who used products after they had been recalled from the market did not get compensated.

Why do You Need a Lawyer?

Even though your case might appear to be clear cut to you, you can still benefit a lot from hiring a lawyer. Only an expert in law knows all the various damages you are entitled to for your losses, and you certainly don’t want to miss out on any of them. Additionally, a good attorney will advise you on whether or not you are eligible to file a suit against the company. Sometimes, it could be a question of medical negligence on your physician’s part. Without this knowledge, you are certainly set for failure in your case against Stryker hip recall company.


There is no denying the fact that Stryker hip recall products have caused numerous people a lot of pain. Most patients even had to undergo multiple surgeries to correct the effects of the implants. If you or a loved one is a victim of these products, be sure to contact a lawyer to find out whether you can file a Stryker hip recall suit. You shouldn’t have to bear the burden of using defective products alone. Even though there can be no substitute for your physical pain, let the company bear the financial burden. It will make things far easier to bear.